How does anyone know that I have a Will?

Sentry Legals are pleased to announce that we are now able to register client Wills with Certainty, The National  Will Register.

Wills do not have to be registered anywhere by law and unless you tell someone where your Will is held, there is a possibility that your latest Will will not be found when you pass away. If you wish to register a Will yourself there is a charge of £30, but Sentry Legals are able to offer you this service free of charge (as long as you are an existing client).

The benefits of registering your Will are:

  1.  The confidential contents of your Will are preserved. When your Will is registered, you will receive a certificate of registration which confirms that your Will exists and has been registered, but does not disclose your final wishes. This can be forwarded to your executors instead of a copy of your Will.
  2. You may forget where your Will is held. With the passage of time, many people cannot remember where they wrote their Will or where it is stored. A search on the register will provide you with the details you need.
  3.  You may not wish for anyone to know you have written a Will until you pass away. With a search of the register on your death, your family or administrators can check whether you have written and registered a Will.

There are now in excess of seven million Wills registered with Certainty and the register searches for both signed an unsigned Wills through their Will Search Services.

If you would like to write a Will, or would like further information, then please contact or any member of the team.

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