Powers of Attorney

Powers of Attorney

A Power of Attorney enables a person (called the donor) to appoint another person (called the attorney) to make decisions on their behalf.

LPA for Property and Finances

A Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) for property and financial affairs can be used immediately if the donor wishes. This LPA allows you to appoint someone to act on your behalf (an attorney) to deal with and make decisions about things like dealing with your bank accounts, sorting out your tax affairs, paying costs and debts and buying or selling property.

  • £300 – £550 on instruction
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General Powers of Attorney

A General Power of Attorney (“GPA”) is used in situations where you need to give certain rights to persons to deal with property for you for a limited time. They can be used for a specific purpose, for example, for the sale of a property. They can only be used while a person has mental capacity- in other words, while they can understand, remember and act upon appropriate information and make decisions for themselves.

  • £150 on instruction

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LPA for Health and Care

A Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) for health and welfare can only be used if the donor loses mental capacity. This LPA allows you to appoint someone to act on your behalf regarding decisions about your health and care including what you should eat, your medication and life sustaining treatment.

Enduring Powers of Attorney were replaced by LPAs on 1st October 2007 but are still valid and can still be registered. At Sentry Legal we can deal with the registration of these documents for you.

We are also able to provide a professional certificate provider service to you if someone else is drawing up your Lasting Powers of Attorney.

Reasons for drawing up a Lasting Power of Attorney

  • You retain control over who should manage your affairs for you
  • Avoids a Court of Protection application being made to appoint a Deputy which is a costly and lengthy proces
  • Saves your family the burden of trying to have a Deputy appointed in the future (which gives similar powers)
  • Convenient for business people who work away and need someone else to ‘step into their shoes’

When to draw up Lasting Powers of Attorney

You are no longer able to give instructions to draw up a Lasting Power of Attorney if you do not have the mental capacity to do so. This is a legal test which will be completed by your advisor, and if necessary, a medically trained professional.

You should draw up Lasting Powers of Attorney while you are still mentally capable of doing so and especially if you have been diagnosed with or think you might develop an illness which might prevent you from making decisions for yourself at some point in the future, such as dementia or the side effects of medical treatment.

Certificate Provider Service

If you have instructed someone else to draw up your Lasting Powers of Attorney for you, we are able to provide a professional certificate provider service

  • from £150

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